Building an Empire: How I’m Organizing It

I have some rather ambitious plans for Internet marketing.

Which really works out, because I have ambitious income goals. I won’t be happy with less than $10k a month, and I’m hoping that I’ll average $30k – $50k .

You don’t make that kind of money without a plan. And it isn’t going to all come from one source.

For a long time, I tried sorting my IM work by type of income stream, but that’s not the appropriate view for planning.

You have to sort by list!

While I have seemingly infinite blog, PLR, ebook and business ideas, it all comes down to 10 lists I will build. 10 audiences I will cater to.

That’s quite a bit of work to get started, and as I seem to be writing a few ebooks a day a few times a week and large handfuls of blog posts on my new iPad that is Internet-free (that’s wildly productive for me!), I have to get a whole lot of things off the ground.

My solution? Create free WordPress blogs for each list, right now, that focuses on one part of the niche I want to target as appropriate per list.

I’m going to start by:

  1. Adding at least one valuable post that announces the kind of content I’ll be sharing, by example.
  2. Putting up an about page relevant to the audience.
  3. Adding a book list – for each audience, I have heaps of ebooks in progress or waiting to be published.
  4. Contact page
  5. Squeeze page to get list building going
I want to start building my list right away, so that when I launch the sites beyond these soft launches I will have someone to announce it to…and these free WordPress blogs are already part of my backlinking strategy.
My lists:
  1. Real estate agents
  2. Freelance writers
  3. Indie authors
  4. Green/attachment parents
  5. Vegans
  6. Wiccans
  7. Military wives
  8. Internet marketers
  9. Work at home parents
  10. Readers of paranormal erotica

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