Building an Empire: How I’m Organizing It

I have some rather ambitious plans for Internet marketing.

Which really works out, because I have ambitious income goals. I won’t be happy with less than $10k a month, and I’m hoping that I’ll average $30k – $50k .

You don’t make that kind of money without a plan. And it isn’t going to all come from one source.

For a long time, I tried sorting my IM work by type of income stream, but that’s not the appropriate view for planning.

You have to sort by list!

While I have seemingly infinite blog, PLR, ebook and business ideas, it all comes down to 10 lists I will build. 10 audiences I will cater to.

That’s quite a bit of work to get started, and as I seem to be writing a few ebooks a day a few times a week and large handfuls of blog posts on my new iPad that is Internet-free (that’s wildly productive for me!), I have to get a whole lot of things off the ground.

My solution? Create free WordPress blogs for each list, right now, that focuses on one part of the niche I want to target as appropriate per list.

I’m going to start by:

  1. Adding at least one valuable post that announces the kind of content I’ll be sharing, by example.
  2. Putting up an about page relevant to the audience.
  3. Adding a book list – for each audience, I have heaps of ebooks in progress or waiting to be published.
  4. Contact page
  5. Squeeze page to get list building going
I want to start building my list right away, so that when I launch the sites beyond these soft launches I will have someone to announce it to…and these free WordPress blogs are already part of my backlinking strategy.
My lists:
  1. Real estate agents
  2. Freelance writers
  3. Indie authors
  4. Green/attachment parents
  5. Vegans
  6. Wiccans
  7. Military wives
  8. Internet marketers
  9. Work at home parents
  10. Readers of paranormal erotica

Welcome to My Online Income Blog

This blog is lot less official than my other blogs-less focused, for lack of a better description.

I own an SEO copywriting firm, a PLR store and niche blogs. I have authored several ebooks. I am in he process of managing these businesses in addition to repurposing my real estate assistance business, publishing novels (I have published a few short stories) and getting into real estate investing. Aside from the real estate investing, I am all about making money online.

This blog is a place for me to share what I know about these things and to act as hub blog of sorts.

Now, enough with this intro business, and onto my first order of business.

In light of some recent financial struggles and havin only three years to support myself and my family completely from my income, I have been doing some serious research into revenue streams I should be nourishing now.

All roads point to ebook publishing.

I decided to finish of the year joining in on Yuwanda Black’s ebook publishing tournament, going for one ebook a week for the rest of the year.

I have laid out some big financial goals I want to accomplish within the next three years. I aim to fund each of these efforts with ebook sales.

First, let’s work with the initial assumptions.

Each sale was estimated at $19. Some sales will be a little less than that, but I have rounds up and have not accounted for the interest this money will be earning me. Here’s to hoping things even out.

Each ebook is estimated to produce 100 sales. This is both arbitrary and not arbitrary. I have seen about this number on many reputable sites and it seems to be an average that lacks proper tracking. It will work for my purposes.

Now, onto the goals…

In no particular order, here are my goals and sales needs:

To save $35,000 to buy a house for cash, I need to sell 52 ebooks each month for 36 months.

To save $2,500 for two new MacBooks, I need to sell 50 ebooks each month for three months. 

To save $1,000 for a custom WordPress design for my author site, I need to sell 53 ebooks in a month.

To save $500 for line editing for my novel, I need to sell 27 ebooks in a month.

To save $7,000 to pay off the car I need sell 50 ebooks each month for eight months.

I am going to be tracking my progress on this blog.

Right now, I have 4 ebooks that are all almost done and need some finishing touches to be published. I am aiming to have them all edited, beta-read, formatted and ready to submit for publishing via Smashwords and Ejunkie in two weeks. I really hope it won’t take that long, but I am a busy woman, and a wife and mother.

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